Prostore Pty Ltd, formerly Specialised Online Solutions, specialises in online ecommerce solutions for small to medium businesses.

We specialise in modulising every process to add scaleability and facilitate the transition from bricks and mortar to the online environment for any business.

This includes

We cater specifically and highly selectively to small and medium businesses. Some of our clients are the largest players in their respective markets as well as, and just as importantly, smaller start up business wanting to make their mark. Clients are selected on the premise of developing a long term strategic aliance between our businesses.

As we only work closely with businesses with similar cultures and ideals, our solutions are highly customised and new clients and projects are assessed and scheduled on a case by case basis. Clients confidentiality, as requested, is paramount so as to not influence nor be influenced by any other client or competitor in their respective marketplace.

Our solutions enable sophisticated streamlining of overheads and expenses enabling our client to be agressivley competetive in the market place whilst maintaining a high level of service delivery

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